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23 Things – Thing 7 & Thing 8

Thing 7 – Twitter

We’re going back to Twitter this week, and they start off giving us a couple of articles to read that are actually quite good reads and contain a number of tips about the professional side of Twitter (Article 1 and Article 2). I’m quite aware that although I have a professional Twitter account, I don’t use it as effectively as I could, so I am actually interested in upping my usage of the platform, and seeing what I can get out it.

Despite that, I am not a beginner with social media, so I’m following the ‘Intermediate’ strand of the thing this week. Mostly it is concerned with lists, which is not a function I was previously aware of. I’ve now made two lists, LIS and Libraries. The first one is for accounts that relate to Library and Information Science in a more general way, and the second is a list for all the libraries that I follow. I’m also now thinking about creating a digital or metadata based list, and trying to find accounts to fill these lists out with as well!

One thing I have just done is gone through some of the accounts that I was already following and look at the lists that they had, thus finding more accounts that are very relevant to my interests, including a few about LIS jobs, which will be very relevant in the near future, so I’m quite pleased about that.

The analytics seems fun, and would probably be more useful if I used it more. You can see from the screenshot it’s not all that populated.

I haven’t thought about a management tool as of yet, but when my usage does pick up to the point where I think it would be helpful, I will definitely look at Tweet Deck.


Thing 8 – Facebook

I use Facebook as a personal tool, and have been using it for many years, so I know all about groups and messenger and my privacy settings. A lot of the groups I follow are for personal interest and relate to my hobbies, so I’m not really interested in using Facebook for library and librarianship topics. I want to keep personal and professional separate, and as I view it, Facebook is very much a personal platform, whereas Twitter seems to have multiple uses, and certainly can be used for professional aspects. Thus, I have chosen to keep the divide: Facebook for personal. Twitter for professional.


Bonus Thing B

Twitter chats. Not something I’ve used, but I have had a look through the directory. Nothing on there directly relevant to the topic, but there are computing topics, blog chats and #GeekHour, so I might check some of those out when it gets to the relevant time. I also know to look out for hashtags surrounding campaigns or topics that I’m interested in, so it’s probably worth checking back every now and again to see what’s developed. Trends to tend to come and go.


2 comments on “23 Things – Thing 7 & Thing 8

  1. charliesfarley
    June 16, 2017

    Fantastic! I’m glad you’re finding Twitter lists to be so useful. Regarding the twitter chats, one you might find interesting is the #uklibchat @uklibchat. The topics are set in advance and an agenda is also provided. 🙂

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  2. charliesfarley
    October 19, 2017

    Following up on twitter chats, we’ll be running three sessions at various times on Nov 9th if you’re interested in joining in. Details are up on the new Events & Activities page:



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