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23 Things – Thing 1 & Thing 2

23 Things is a programme that I was introduced to via the module on Personal and Professional Development. The original programme was designed to introduce you to a series of tasks and activities to help with professional development back in 2012. Edinburgh University has redeveloped it as 23 Things for Digital Knowledge, which still has the aim of equipping people for professional development, but this ran late 2016 and has a distinct focus on digital skills. Despite it having already run, it has been designed to be completed by anyone at anytime, so I can work through the Things at my own pace and I think it would be valuable to see if there’s anything I’m missing, and possibly help me develop a professional brand.


Thing 1 – Introduction

Thing 1 is an introduction into the course, with an FAQ section and overview of what will be covered in the programme:

  • Thing 1 Introduction
  • Thing 2 Blogging
  • Thing 3 Digital Footprint
  • Thing 4 Digital Security
  • Thing 5 Diversity
  • Thing 6 Accessibility
  • Thing 7 Twitter
  • Thing 8 Facebook
  • Thing 9 Google Hangouts/Collaborate Ultra
  • Thing 10 Wikimedia
  • Thing 11 Copyright
  • Thing 12 Open Educational Resources
  • Thing 13 Video (YouTube/Vimeo/MediaHopper)
  • Thing 14 Audio (Podcasts/SoundCloud)
  • Thing 15 Digital Curation
  • Thing 16 OneNote/ClassNotebook
  • Thing 17 Geolocation Tools
  • Thing 18 Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • Thing 19 Altmetrics
  • Thing 20 LinkedIn/
  • Thing 21 Online Games & learning Tools
  • Thing 22 Fun and Play
  • Thing 23 Reflection


Thing 2 – Blogging

This step was made a lot easier by the existence of this blog before I starting the 23 Things. I am already familiar with various blog platforms (WordPress (my choice), blogger, tumblr, and PebblePad (often used for academic or workplace purposes)) and the reasons for blogging, which for me include being able to reflect on activities completed and hopefully connecting out to people through shared experiences.

They have asked us to write about 2 questions:

What are you hoping to gain out of the 23 Things programme?

Whilst I don’t think that anything that is getting covered is something that I am unaware of, I hope to plug some of the gaps where my knowledge is less good (for instance, I’m not a user of audio or video tools). But what I mostly hope for is tips on helping to develop myself as a professional, or, tips of how to promote myself as a professional. I am very much at the start of my career, and I need to learn how to promote myself as the professional I want to be, and also to see if there are opportunities out there that I can take advantage of to help me progress in my career.

Were you aware of the University’s Social Media guideline for Staff and Researchers or the Student Social Media Handbook? What do you think of the guidelines/handbook?

Whilst I am not a member of the University of Edinburgh, I am a member of staff in an educational organisation, and I have looked through the Staff social media guidelines as well as those from my own organisation, so I was aware of such guidelines.

I think that the guidelines are entirely sensible, and also let Staff/Students know what is expected of them whilst they can be linked to an organisation. I already follow these guidelines in my own work – this is a personal blog about professional matters, but I am still employed by an organisation, so anything I say about them is carefully judged so as to not bring them into disrepute. I also check the links that I place in the blog, and make sure that if a source needs attribution then it is attributed since I am aware of copyright laws, and it’s just good manners to give credit where it’s due.


I hope to go through these at a roughly weekly pace, but times may vary as other work comes into play and my focus needs to shift to those (most notable upcoming coursework, including dissertation).





2 comments on “23 Things – Thing 1 & Thing 2

  1. charliesfarley
    May 11, 2017

    Welcome to our 23 Things. 🙂 Who are you doing the module on Personal and Professional Development with? That sounds pretty neat. I hope you enjoy the course. If you have questions at any time do feel free to drop me an email, a tweet, or ask via your blog. 🙂


    • Princess of Dragons
      May 12, 2017

      It’s with the University of Sheffield, my second year since I’m doing a part time distance learning course in librarianship. Thanks for coming by 🙂


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