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Masters Degree – Year 2, Semester 2

Being busy often means that some things get forgotten, or left to one side. However, things to change and come around, and I find myself in need of a blogging space for librarianship activities again. So I’ve come back here.

The masters degree is going very well indeed. I’m now well into my second year, and indeed we have just started the second semester, hence why I am coming back to this blog, but I’ll catch up to that in a bit. In the first year, I undertook the modules:  Library, Information and Society; Information Literacy; Leadership, Strategy and Change; and Database Design and Development. That last one was a free choice module, and since I am a very technologically orientated person, it seemed like a good choice (the marks I got certainly seem to support that. This year I’ve just complete: Information and Knowledge Management; and Information Organisation. That last module I did exceptionally well in, and I also enjoyed it immensely, it’s given me lots of idea of places I could take my career in.



I’ve also started my dissertation. So far I’ve come up with an idea, written the initial proposal, and been assigned my supervisor. Joyously, I got the staff member I asked for, so so far it’s going well. I’ve had my first meeting with her, she gave me some things to think about, and I’m now started to draft my actual proposal up, outlining aims, introductions, methodology and at some point, doing the literature review. (I’ve downloaded a whole lot of the papers, just need to get around to reading them and jotting dot the relevant notes from them). The topic I have chosen is: The Use of Walkthroughs: The Information Behaviour of Gamers within Video Games. I’m going to be looking at how gamers use walkthroughs when they play video games and investigate if there are any relationships between that every day information behaviour and their demographics (things like age, gender, preferred console, genre of video game, etc). That’s the working draft anyway, it’s very likely to change, or rather, get refined at the time passes on.

As well as the dissertation (and preparation that goes alongside it) I’m taking the last two modules of the course: Academic and Workplace Library, Information and Knowledge Services; and Personal and Professional Development. The former is my free choice for this year (I could also have looked into Public and School libraries, but I find academic and specialist areas more interesting), and the latter is the reason for coming back to this blog. At least partially. We’re looking at ways in which we can develop ourselves, our CVs and portfolios (which we will be building throughout the module), so I’m coming back to blogging, not only because I enjoy it, but because a blog is an excellent way to record developments that take place (re-reading my previous posts has been very interesting for me) and reflectively explore my experiences. I will also be posting about other topics, books reviews, aspects of my job (and the jobs I wish to have), and Chartership (more to come on that soon), but expect to hear a lot over the next twelve weeks about personal and professional development as I work alongside the module.


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