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Masters Degree – Introduction Week

Five months ago I was telling you about apply for the masters degree in librarianship. In that five months I have applied, been accepted, and have come to the start my degree. So yes, things have progressed, and in a positive direction.

Since this is a distance learning course it is taking place entirely over the internet. Whether I physically visit the university at some point for one reason or another I don’t know as of yet, but learning wise, I can do it wherever I have an internet connection. This is going to be very different from my undergraduate degree, but it does allows me to continue working as a librarian whilst staying in my home town, all the while learning new things. There’s a lot to be said for the pros of distance learning modules.


So far, we have been getting used to the online environment MOLE, aka Blackboard. Given that we use Blackboard at the college I work at, I felt almost like a cheater with how easy it was for me to get to grips with the system. The library system on the other hand in an entirely different system that I have never met before, and although I think I have the basics down, I am sure that at some point I will need to watch those introduction videos again. One good thing about going to a different university for my masters than my undergrad, is that I get to encounter different approaches and systems to learning and information finding, which considering what my chosen degree is in, can only be a good thing.

This week is introduction week, and there are two session happening. Unfortunately, one of those sessions is today, when I will be working. The course lecturers are encouraging us to attend the live sessions if at all possible, but given that this is a distance learning course, and quite a few of the students are working or have other activities to take up their time, they realise that this is not always possible. Hence, everything is recorded and put up to stream at our convenience, so I will get to watch the session, just not live. However, there is another one on Thursday, which I can attend, as I work part time currently.

Next week teaching starts for the two core modules of the first semester. We’re taking Information Literacy, and Libraries, Information & Society. Information Literacy is all about literacy, information behaviour, how different people experience these, and a bit of light teaching theory on the side. It looks like it’s stuff that I’m currently vaugely aware of and probably do in my job without realising it, so I am looking forward to learning about it formally. Libraries, Information & Society is all about the role and value of different types of library service, public, academic, workplace, and too look at key issues that affect the services. Again, stuff I’m sure I encounter almost daily, but it will be interesting to sit down and think about it for once.

Of course, there is a lot more to come after Y1S1, but for now, I am focusing on the two module that I am going to be shortly bombarded with work from. Hopefully between university learning and working, there will be enough for a few posts every now and then on this blog.



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