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World Book Day

Celebrated all over the world to get children and young people more interested in reading, World Book Day has come around once again.


I myself have fond memories of receiving my token in school and then going along to the bookshop to trade it in for one of the little books created especially for the day. This year there are ten books that have been created, catering to a wide range of ages.

The website is also packed with activity sheets, useful information, and videos from famous authors to get kids interested in reading and writing.

There are a number of events and competitions being run, check to see if anything is happening at your school, library or local area, since there are a number of book swaps, reading groups and meetings happening today.

Whilst the event is mainly aimed at children and teens, there is no reason that older people cannot enjoy the day as well. Go along to a book swap, pick up an old favourite, or buy a book you’ve been meaning to try for a while. Today is about celebrating books, in any way that you want to.

Personally? I might dress up as my favourite character, as quite a lot of students are doing today and then settle in with a good book.



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