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The Library Book

It’s rare that I am so impressed with a book from the library that I go out and immediately buy it, but it happened yesterday. I borrowed the library book, which is a book about libraries, which is a book I borrowed from a library.

The Library Book

This is an anthology book where 23 writers and book lovers write about libraries, and book and what they do for us. Being a lover of books and libraries myself, it was an extraordinarily good read, to hear people talking about libraries and how we need to preserve them and make sure that we have libraries around for the future.

Authors include Stephen Fry, Zadie Smith, Kate Moss & Alan Bennett. There are a couple of fiction stories or extracts, but overall it is people talking about their experiences, from school and local libraries to mobile vans which bring books to the rural communities.

I really have trouble articulating how satisfying this was to read, and how much it resonated with me. As someone who has recently gone back to their local public library, making almost weekly trips, as well as working in a college library that I peruse daily, it really is something to read an entire book about how other people love and appreciate libraries and librarians.

The book can be bought from The Reading Agency, and all royalties go to the agency to help out with their work to get more people to read and use libraries. Either that, or do what I did and go down to your local library and see if they have a copy.


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