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Library Management Systems

I like IT. This is probably why I mind some of the really repetitive jobs it involves less than other people might do. Currently, the big IT project is getting out new library system up and running.

We’re moving from Heritage to Capita, and hopefully the new system will be much improved on the old one.

However, this does mean moving across all the information about the library. From borrowing rules, to readers accounts and the books. All of the books.

Because we have multiple sites, we’re rolling it out at one smaller site first, so we can get used to importing the information across, and we can then see if the system has any teething issues. But there are still over 1,000 books which need to be imported across, and then have their details filled in.

Repetitive in the extreme, but I do like getting a good look at the back end of systems.

Importing books


The front screen is the new capita system, with a single book record currently being displayed. It’s one that I’ve just filled in. At the back is the spread sheet we are using to track all the book. Green is important, yellow is small problem, red is big problem.

I have to admit, although it does sometimes make me go cross-eyed, it is nice when you finish, and get to sit back and go, look at all the work I’ve done today.


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